La quenelle sauce Nantua
boutonLa Quenelle de Brochet Sauce Nantua (pike quenelle with Nantua sauce)

Quenelle de brochet sauce Nantua

The Quenelle was invented during the second world War, due to the restictions and shortages in meat and fish. They were prepared with simple farm ingredients: milk, eggs, flour, fat. A pastry chef of the Lyon region decided to include fish, in particular pike, which is common in the Saône river, in a choux dough recipe. Nowadays, the quenelles are one of the gems of gastronomy of the Rhone Alpes region. A writer from Lyons went so far as to suggest that “quenelles are the best satisfaction that can be offered to the palate of an honest man”. At Nantua, they are always prepared using 22% minimum of pike flesh, which makes them even tastier.As for the “sauce Nantua”, it is prepared using crayfish butter. Crayfish used to be quite common in the rivers and in lake Nantua, and fed off the flesh that was left on the skins that the tanners soaked in the water. The shells are cooked, crushed and sieved, conferring an incomparable colour and taste to the butter.

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Nolo Frères - 18 rue du Docteur Mercier - 01130 NANTUA
Tél. : +33 (0)4 74 75 00 43 - Fax : +33 (0)4 74 75 07 60
In the 1940s the parents of the current owner decided to open a small canning factory. It is still a family runbusiness today. The son has not departed from his parents’ initial idea and the products are prepared according to the tradition. The ingredients are selected with care, especially the red-legged crayfish featuring a deep red colour that requires no colouring to be added to the sauce.

FabricantsBugey Gastronomie Traiteur - Route de Lalleyriat - 01130 SAINT-GERMAIN DE JOUX
Tél. : +33 (0)4 50 59 84 25- Fax : +33 (0)4 50 59 80 76

Recipe (for 8 persons)
Mince or chop 500g of pike fillet, strain in a colander covered with a cloth. Let this rest in a cold place for 12 hours. Boil 20 cl of milk, add 30 g of melted butter, 10 g salt 2 g pepper and 125g flour. Mix thoroughly, using a wooden spatula, until the mixture is smooth and does not adhere to the walls. Cover the preparation and let it set. Mix the preparation for 2 min, add the pike flesh. Mix again. Break 6 eggs in a bowl, add 100 g of butter, then the preparation mix. Let the mixture set for 1 day Separate the mix into 120 g pieces, hand-roll them on a floured tabletop. Poach the pieces for 12 min in lightly salted water. Place them in a gratin dish and cover them with Nantua sauce. Bake in the oven for 10 min Enjoy whilst warm

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